Volcanoes Erupting Hot Lava

Volcanoes Erupting Hot Lava

Volcanoes are amazing with the sheer amount of destructive force they can wield. For centuries people have stood in awe as lava has flowed, destroying everything in its path. The volcanoes erupting lava shown in this video are Mount Yasur located in Vanuatu, Mt. Etna in Italy, and Bardabunga Volcano in Iceland.

The Mount Yazur volcano is found on Tanna Island in Vanuatu. It has been erupting almost nonstop for over 800 years. Its glow is what first attracted Captain James Cook as he explored the Pacific during his travels from Europe. Mount Yasur is one of the most active volcanoes in the world today and is a regular part of tourism for the island nation..

Bardabunga Volcano is found at Vatnajökull, Iceland. the area used to erupt very infrequently, approximately once every 50 years. However, recently there was a brief increase in seismic activity at the site. This resulted in frequent volcanic activity and increased eruptions. However since that time the volcano has calmed back down and it is expected to remain active only every 50 years once more.

Mt. Etna in Italy is the largest of the three volcanoes that are currently active in Italy. Mount Etna is found on the island of Sicily and is currently one of the most active volcanoes in the entire world. Etna is one of Sicily’s primary tourist attractions and is visited each year by thousands of tourists.

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