Moving Objects With Mind Power

Is it possible to move objects with your mind powers alone?

This video footage was believed to be found on an old VHS tape discovered in a flea market in Russia.

Telekinesis is the psychic ability that grants the person the ability to influence the world around them. There have been many people who claim to have this mind manipulating ability. Using the power of the mind to move objects has been tried for centuries throughout the world. Mind power, also known as Telekinesis has never been proved conclusively. To this date there has been no conclusive evidence that psychokinesis is real.

According to rumors in the former Soviet Union a special division of the KGB focused on experimentation of the human mind. In their studies and real human trials it is believed they used drugs to develop a number of brain altering techniques.

Using specially formulated drugs the researchers enabled one to focus the power of the mind toward objects and enhance the brain’s activity within the test patients. The patients were then able to tap in to unknown powers inside the brain to move objects with only their mind. These experiments were believed to be able to give Russians an advantage in psychological warfare.

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