Man Gets a Leech in His Eye – Watch Leech Removal on Video

What would you do if you got a blood sucking leech in your eye? I know for many of us we would rush directly to the local hospital or maybe even dial 911. Not for this man. In this video the man takes matters in to his own hands and removes the little blood sucker from his own eyeball.

In this video the man has a leech in the corner of his eyeball. Rather than try to pull it off, the man decides it is better to let the leech get good and fat by drinking his blood and wait for it to drop off. Leeches generally drop off on their own after they have drank plenty of blood from the host victim. The leech got in to his eye while he was filming in the cloud forests of North Queensland, Australia. Having a leech sucking on your eyeball can definetly be an unsettling experience. Saline solution has been used successfully to help remove a leech from an eye. To clear out all of the blood from the eye it is essential afterward to wash the eye thoroughly once it has dropped away.

In another story a leech attached to the eye of an Australian woman. In that case doctors had a tougher time removing the leech. For that person doctor’s recommended using saline solution to help remove a leech attached to the eyeball. For the unlucky Australian woman it began when she was gardening and flicked dirt in to her eye containing the leech. It soon wiggled right in to her cornea and began feeding on the blood vessels of her eye. It tucked itself under the upper eyelid where it began to feed.soon the little creature grew from half a centimeter to about 2 centimeters long before it was finally removed. Doctors reported being unable to use tweezers to remove the leech for fear that the head would remain in the eye to potentially cause an infection.

If you ever have a leech on your eyeball, don’t panic. It is wise to seek the advice of a trained medical professional. However, if you are in the bush, such as the man in this video it is a good idea to avoid pulling the leech right out.

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