Fattest Cats in the World

The Fattest Cats in the World- Top 10 Record Breaking Fat Cats

Here are the top ten fattest cats of all time, working our way down to the most massive cat of all time… Top ten top fattest cats of all time.

Number 10 “Unnamed Cat” 33 Pounds

This Unnamed cat from Eastern China’s Shandong Province weighs in at 15 kilograms or close to 33 pounds. According to its owner the cats loves to eat meat, but hates fish. It likes to eat one steamed piece of bread with a half bowl of chicken heart and some pork every day.

Number 9 “Meatball” 36 Pounds

This 36 pound tabby turned up one day at an Arizona Animal Shelter. Because of its massive size the cat wouldn’t fit in a normal sized kennel. The cat was kept in the administrator’s office and given the VIP treatment. Meatball has since been ordered on a diet and is said to be slimming down nicely.

Number 8 “Meow” 39 Pounds

Weighing in at 39 pounds, Meow is an Orange and White Tabby who arrived at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter after his 87 year old owner could no longer care for her. Sadly, after reaching cat stardom and even getting featured on several talk shows, she passed away from respiratory failure. Meow will forever be known as one of the most important cats for raising awareness of the dangers associated with pet obesity.

Number 7 “Garfield” 40 Pounds

Tipping the scales at 40 pounds, Garfield is an Orange and White Tabby who is known for being a rather handsome cat who had no problem attracting a lot of attention. He was dropped off at the North Shore Animal League in New York and shortly after adopted by a loving family.

Number 6 “Mikesch” 41 Pounds

Mikesch the 41 pound black and white house cat comes from Germany. His elderly owner admitted to feeding the cat more than 4 pounds of minced meat every day. Due to his unhealthy size he was seized by German authorities from his elderly owner. He was then put on a strict diet by the Berlin animal shelter. the last report of Mikesch is that he missed his owner, or his previous minced meat meals so much, he went on a hunger strike.

Number 5 “Skinny” 42 Pounds

Skinny was found wandering the streets of Richardson, Texas and taken to an animal shelter. When found he weighed an incredible 42 pounds and was soon happy to find a new home with a Dallas area veterinarian and her family. As of January 2014, Skinny is living up to his name and now weighs a much slimmer 25 pounds.

Number 4 “Katy” 42 Pounds

Katy the Siamese cat lives in Russia and was said to once have weighed as much as 50 pounds. She was once featured in a local Russian newspaper where she was said to be able to devour a hot dog in less than a minute. Her owner says Katy loves to eat fish and a mixture of milk and sour cream.

Number 3 “Princess Chunk” 44.0 Pounds

Princess Chunk is a White Tabby that was brought to the Camden Area Animal Shelter in New Jersey after her owner was forced to move. She quickly became famous, being featured on many talk shows and even in People magazine. After Princess Chunks fame died down she settled in to life with her new adoptive family.

Number 2 “Mitzi” 46 Pounds

From Oregon, Mitzi tops the scales at a massive 46 pounds. She moved in with her current owner after her original owner became to sick to care for her. She lost the tip of her tail in an accident. According to her new owner, Mitzi loves to lie around the house with a very bad attitude.

Number 1 “Himmy” 46 Pounds

Himmy is the world record holder for “Fattest Cat in the World” according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Himmy is a Tabby cat from Queensland, Australia and will forever hold the record because Guinness stopped taking applications for this category to discourage people from overfeeding their cats.

The average weight for an adult male cat is 6.2 pounds and an adult female should weigh 5.4 pounds. Neutered cats typically range from 7 to 11 pounds. While these cats are definitely cute and cuddly they deserve our sympathy. Cats should always receive sufficient exercise and a proper diet to keep their weight down and remain healthy.

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