Explosions of Buildings and Structures Compilation

Explosions of Buildings and Structures Compilation – Fix it With Fire!

This video features a variety of demolition explosions of different buildings and structures. The first clip features the detonation of an old mining structure. The explosions can be seen from several different cameras and angles to show you the full effect of the imploding structure. The fireball as she goes is very impressive.

The second clip shows the destruction of an old bucket wheel crane. The metal superstructure really comes apart nicely with explosives I think. The third clip shows the demolition of a building at a powerplant. The stack of the structure slap the ground as it goes over.

In the fourth clip a beaver dam is destroyed with fire sending wood flying in all directions. Hopefully, no beavers were harmed in the process. Beaver dams in the wrong location can cause a lot of damage to waterways and frequently need to be removed. In the fifth clip at Dome Creek and old structure is destroyed in a fiery show that one thinks might set the entire forest on fire. Luckily, these ordinance professionals have everything under control.

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